Kate Carter - Chicago Violinist
Ellen McSweeney - Chicago Violinist
Aimee Biasiello - Violist
Liz Weamer - Cellist

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Premiere of our new show

Our new interdisciplinary evening length-show, featuring music of Mozart, Scelsi and Tatiana Catanzaro, will debut at Constellation. The show is currently in creative process. More details and a title coming soon!

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From our blog

The Interdisciplinary Feedback Loop

If you’ve been checking the Chicago Q Ensemble facebook page in the last week, you may have noticed some odd pictures. Ellen, standing on a giant box, violin under her chin, with crazy pink lights behind her. Aimee, playing while kneeling on the floor with her music stand pushed down as far as it will go. You’ve probably been thinking to yourself, “Those Q ladies have really gone off the deep end. Can’t they just have a normal rehearsal?” Well yes, we’ve been doing that too—matching bowstrokes, working with the metronome, yadda yadda yadda. But what we’re really excited about, the thing that has us sending emails back and forth with the subject line “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”, the thing that has us free-writing about prayer, and the thing that has actually been shaping many of our musical decisions is our explorations into true interdisciplinary collaboration.

Bringing who we (actually) are to chamber music

Q has always placed interdisciplinary collaboration at the heart of our mission, but I think this is the deepest we’ve ever taken that idea. We can’t just slap some photos up on a screen or tack a monologue onto a Beethoven trio movement. We have to look deeply at where the connections really lie.

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